Don't Forget the Birds

When you're stocking up on groceries for the winter storm, throw in some bird supplies, too
When the weather turns cold, local birds benefit from a well-stocked backyard.

In our latest issue of Charlotte Home + Garden, we provide some tips to help your backyard birds weather the winter. With temperatures turning colder tonight and the chance of snow arriving, make sure you have the proper supplies. As you're running into the grocery store to grab the last gallon of milk and loaf of bread, stop by these three local stores to stock up on bird provisions.

Backyard Birds, Matthews

Founded in 1996, Backyard Birds offers everything you need to create a natural habitat in your yard, including feeders, houses, baths, and seed. Owner Laurie Horne says the store has been busy with people buying birdseed and supplies. Backyard Bird Supreme, the store's original seed blend, is a top seller. The store receives a shipment every week from Ohio. Since the mix is a combination of various seeds and kernels, it satisfies a variety of birds. "It attracts everybody," Horne says. You can purchase five pounds of Backyard Bird Supreme for $8.95 or 20 pounds for $26.95. The store also carries a blend of thistle and sunflower chips called Finch Favorite that becomes popular as people start seeing goldfinches.

Backyard Birds
1819 Matthews Township Parkway, Ste. 800
Matthews, NC 28105


Wild-Bird Mart, Denver

This family-owned spot carries both wild-bird supplies and decorative yard items, such as wind chimes and flags. Fresh water is important for birds, especially in the winter months when many sources are frozen. Wild-Bird Mart carries a deicer for birdbaths to keep the water from freezing. The product ranges from $20 to $50. The store also stocks a variety of birdseed, including some with berries and nuts that provide extra calories and protein birds need in winter months.

Wild-Bird Mart
1211 N. Hwy. 16
Denver, NC 28037


Bird House on the Greenway, Charlotte

In addition to staying hydrated during the winter, birds also need to keep their feathers clean, says Carol Buie-Jackson, owner of Bird House on the Greenway. If the birds have matted feathers, they can't stay warm. Birdbath heaters and heated birdbaths are popular products at the store to provide a constant freshwater source. The heating supplies range from $35 to $60. Buie-Jackson also recommends roosting boxes for the backyard. Birdhouses have holes on the top, but roosting houses have holes on the bottom, which allow birds to fly up and roost on perches inside. The boxes at the store cost $40 to $60. Buie-Jackson is involved with several wildlife organizations in the area and donates a portion of the store's proceeds to the N.C. Wildlife Federation. That way, you're supporting the birds in your backyard and wildlife across the state.

Bird House on the Greenway
6416 Rea Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28277
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