Dwight Howard Talks Style

The Charlotte Hornets big man is still learning his way around the city, but he’s already comfortable in suits or sweats

IT'S COLD UP HERE, on the patio of Dwight Howard’s penthouse condo in uptown, the night before his 32nd birthday in December. 

The Charlotte Hornets’ 6-foot-11 center, a probable NBA Hall of Famer, has lived in the city for only a few months. He signed with the team last June, which explains the lack of furniture on his balcony, and his marvel at the view of Charlotte’s skyline at eye level. He lets out a quiet, “Mannnnnnnn,” which is also an appropriate reaction for someone wearing a floral-print, short-sleeved polo shirt when it’s 38 degrees outside. 

Back in the warmth of the condo, at his high-top dining table, Howard pulls out the head chair and takes a seat. Now in his 14th season in the NBA, and firmly into his 30s, Howard is comfortable with his sense of style. “I wanna do the tight outfits, but I gotta do something that stays in my age bracket,” he says. “I want to still feel like I’m young, but I’m not that young. So I can’t wear certain things.” Tonight, in addition to the Ferragamo shirt, he’s put on gray Ellavie pants, bright white Saint Laurent sneakers, and a straw fedora by luxury milliner Goorin Bros., which he removed as he welcomed us inside. 

Howard says his fashion vibe fluctuates, just like his rhythm on the court. “Some days, for me, when I have a whole lot of energy, I’m gonna swag out and put on a really nice suit,” he says. Other days, he tries for a more old-school feel: “If I want to act like I’m Kool Moe Dee or LL Cool J, I’ll put on a different type of outfit.” 

Regardless of what he wears in his downtime, Howard says he likes the way he looks in teal and purple. “I would love to be here to finish my career,” he says of the Hornets. In that case, he’ll need some patio furniture. 

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