Months After Announcing New Role at the Bechtler, John Boyer Resigns from Museum

In October, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art announced that President and CEO John Boyer would be stepping down from the role. Upon finding a successor, Boyer would become “president emeritus,” a position that Charlotte Observer reported would “boost fundraising efforts for the museum’s endowment and will help the museum continue to develop corporate and individual relationships.” This week, however, Boyer submitted his resignation to the Bechtler board, which was then accepted. 

The news has been followed by today’s announcement of two new roles being filled: Bruce LaRowe as interim CEO, a role he previously played for The Mint Museum and other organizations, and Anastasia James as the museum’s new curator. James comes from Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles, among affiliations with other galleries and museums across the U.S.

The Bechtler is nearing its 10th birthday in uptown. Previous reporting has revealed internal strife inside the museum over the past few years, as well as consistent turnover in staff at the venue. Today, board chair Ted Garner says, “There is a great energy among the talented team at the Bechtler, and a genuine excitement with new leadership joining the museum. LaRowe will execute current strategies while we ready for our 10-year anniversary and prepare for the arrival of a new CEO in 2020.”

More information will be added to this story as available.

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