Charlotte Private School Leads Pack With New, Innovative Learning Spaces


Charlotte Country Day School, a forward-thinking private school located at 1440 Carmel Road, is taking leaps even further ahead of its Charlotte-area counterparts. By the end of the 2019-20 school year, Country Day aims to raise $54 million and conclude its largest, most transformational construction project in school history.

The project, the “Forefront Campaign: Shaping Tomorrow Together,” is a five-year, comprehensive capital campaign that includes the construction of innovative learning spaces for students featuring collegiate-level resources.

Capital Projects Include:

  • John and Claudia Belk Upper School Learning Center, including a state-of-the-art recording studio (Opening Fall 2020)
  • Dowd Student Center, including new Lower and Upper School Cafeterias, restaurant-level kitchen and server space, and brand new campus store (Opened Fall 2019)
  • Hance Lower School Learning Center, including After School, Lower School Makers Space, and computer lab (Opened Fall 2018)
  • Purdy Center for Science and Mathematics includes eight dedicated lab spaces for biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. (Opened Fall 2018)
    • This space integrates green architectural design that makes the building itself a living laboratory and model of engineering design thinking.
  • Cannon Hall includes centralized and enhanced space for college counseling, tutoring, and IT along with adding a new Upper School Makers Space (Opened Fall 2019)

Belk Upper School Learning Center

“For more than 75 years,” Mark Reed, Head of School, says, “Country Day has earned its place at the forefront of education. We are continually improving and breaking new ground so we can provide future generations of students with the tools, skills, and experiences to follow their passions, fulfill their promise, and lead lives of achievement and purpose.”

“The Forefront Campaign supports an ambitious vision that will ensure we continue to prepare students to contribute meaningfully to a changing world,” Reed continues.

@TRIGGSPHOTO | Michelle and Mike Bailey Upper School Dining Hall

Led by Campaign Co-Chairs, Walker Poole and Wellford Tabor, the Forefront Campaign also includes annual giving that supports people and programs as well as endowment to ensure the school’s long-term financial health and leadership in the Charlotte community. These three focus areas—innovative learning space construction, annual giving, and endowment—will have a lasting impact at Charlotte Country Day School.

School leaders say the new facilities put research and community at the forefront, driving innovative instruction. This, in turn, ensures every Country Day student is fully prepared to lead, thrive, and serve in a rapidly changing world. Additionally, the Country Day Fund and the endowment—the largest among independent schools in North Carolina—both serve as essential revenue streams (outside of tuition) for sustaining the school’s long-term stability.

Hance Lower School Learning Center—Makerspace

This campaign is a direct result of a board led, community involved, and student-focused strategic plan. “Our comprehensive plan helped us align resources, programs, facilities, and practices enabling us to make choices with a well-informed, well-balanced perspective,” Reed explains. “Our shared visions have guided our decisions as we worked to combine tradition and innovation to create an unparalleled student experience.”

As Country Day aims to complete the campaign by the end of 2019-20 school year, the school has unveiled the final stage—community. To learn more about how you can make these plans a reality and shape the future by investing in today’s youth, click here.

About Charlotte Country Day School

Charlotte Country Day School offers students and their families an unsurpassed opportunity to prepare for the future—an opportunity grounded in the strength of tradition and shaped by generations of visionary leaders. At Country Day, you’ll find a profound commitment to lifelong learning, hands-on experiences, individualized attention, and a caring, inclusive community. You’ll find teachers, coaches, administrators, and advisors eager to work in close partnership. Most important, you’ll find a dynamic, comprehensive educational experience, one that cultivates each student’s intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and creative qualities.

Country Day introduces young people to the world of ideas. The school’s programming encourages students to be curious. It shows them how to build on their inherent strengths and how to overcome the things they find difficult. In short, they make their students ready—ready to tackle complex challenges, ready to lead with heart, and ready to succeed in a world none of us can yet imagine. Learn more.

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